From waiter to director!

Working in our company provides unlimited space for the realization of your ambitions.
Proof of this is the career growth of Zaur Khanbabayev, who was recruited as a waiter in 2013.
The speed, agility, vigilance and due attention to each guest sometimes allowed him to serve 18 tables at a time.
A year later, he is appointed as a supervisor, where he begins to develop his leadership skills and strategic approach to work. His love for the restaurant business and desire to get only good results led to his appointment as director of the branch in 2017. We wish him success!

From waiter to Manacer!

Jamil Nazarov was recruited as a waiter in May 2017.
Possessing great patience, charm, dedication and ability to competently communicate with guests, he rises to the post of supervisor in 2018.
We are sure that your love for work and inexhaustible positive energy will help you to reach even greater heights!

From waiter to supervisor!

Fuad Bagirzadeh
On 12 April 2017, Fuad was recruited as a waiter.
Treating his position with full responsibility, fulfilling all the requirements for work with the support of the team, with which he has been working "side by side" for 2 years, he was appointed as a supervisor in April 2019. Good luck, Fuad!

Мы приглашаем вас стать частью нашей команды!

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